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Great Job Descriptions for Hiring the Right TC

9/19/19 10:05 AM / by Tori Nardone

imageIf you’re choosing to bring a Transaction Coordinator on your team, you’ll first want to make sure you’re attracting the right individuals based on your job description! Hiring a new team member is already an extremely thorough task as it is - no need to make it more difficult for yourself by copying and pasting an old school job description that doesn’t fit your exact needs! To reel in the cream of the crop Transaction Coordinators, we recommend using the following format:



To start, create a fun intro for the job description explaining what your company is all about and the type of work environment the candidate can expect. If they apply after learning what your brand is bringing to the table, you’ll know they’re eager about the opportunity and likely a good culture fit for your company.



Here is where you’ll give the candidates an idea of what their day-to-day will look like. This is also where you should clearly outline the type of experience required for your TC as well as the skills you’d like them to be proficient in. Below are some examples!

“Seeking a Transaction Coordinator with Experience in…”

Real Estate

Project Management

Office Management and/or Administration

Client Services

“Our Ideal Candidate Is…”

A People Person

A Great Communicator

A Team Player


Cool Under Pressure

A Multitasker

Passionate about the Real Estate Industry

Highly Organized

“Our Ideal Candidate is Proficient in the Following…”

Here, list the software/platforms your company uses on a daily basis!



To tie everything together, we recommend ending your job description with a fun conclusion inviting the candidate to take the next step and apply for the position! For example…

“If all of this makes you jump for joy, please send your resume, cover letter, and favorite song to the email listed below. If it seems like a match, we’ll reach out to set up an interview!”

Good luck filling your TC role! We hope you find “the one.”

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Tori Nardone

Written by Tori Nardone