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What Makes a Rockstar TC?

8/19/19 12:09 PM / by Tori Nardone


There’s no denying that Transaction Coordinators are an integral part of a real estate team! These guys and gals are masters of their craft and the glue that holds a real estate deal together. And with all of our experience in real estate, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a TC stand out from others. See below for six key traits that make a rockstar Transaction Coordinator:

1. People Persons

Transaction Coordinators deal with a variety of different people on any given day, so they must be able to effectively communicate with those people and keep the peace in a real estate transaction. Transaction Coordinators are polite, well-spoken, and kind. They always relay information in a positive way and they are a calming presence in a real estate transaction.

2. Highly Organized

The ability to keep track of every detail, date, and deadline that occurs in a real estate transaction is enough to make an average person run for the hills, but not Transaction Coordinators! These individuals thrive on keeping things afloat and creating effective systems for all parties involved in a deal. They have a process for everything and they do it all with a positive attitude.

3. Market Experts

In order to deliver a great closing experience, Transaction Coordinators must know the markets that you serve and understand the importance of doing so. The best Transaction Coordinators will be experts in the closing process for your state and can provide you with best practices.

4. Team Players

Transaction Coordinators are the dedicated point-of-contact for your closings, therefore, they should be an expert in your business and communication style. Who you choose to bring into your real estate transaction is a direct reflection of both your business and your brand, and can be the difference between making or breaking the deal. Great Transaction Coordinators will be able and eager to adapt to your business culture.

5. Real Estate Professionals

Transaction Coordinators should all have real estate backgrounds so that they are well-versed in the steps of the closing process and the role that everyone plays within a transaction. They should understand the real estate lingo and totally speak your language.

6. Project Management Skills

Great Transaction Coordinators have the ability to effortlessly see through a transaction from contract-to-close because of the systems they have in place. They can combat issues with ease and seamlessly keep everything moving along.

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Tori Nardone

Written by Tori Nardone