You only have so many hours in a day, and you're busy juggling all of your clients and your person life. What could you do with a savings of 10 hours per transaction? That's the average time savings that Agents experience when they use a Transaction Coordinator.

That's 10 more hours to devote to lead generation, relationship building, or even that personal life that might have fallen on the back burner. Sounds great, but you have a lot of questions? We're here to dish out some answers.

We'll be covering the answers to some of the biggest questions that Agents, Teams, and Brokers have about Transaction Coordination during our 30-minute webinar:

 - What role does a Transaction Coordinator play in a deal?

 - What's the difference between an Assistant and a Transaction Coordinator?

 - What are the pitfalls of trying to train my Assistant to become a Transaction Coordinator? 

 - How does using a Transaction Coordinator make our team more efficient?

- How does using a Transaction Coordinator improve the experience for the buyer and seller? 


Who'll Be Speaking?

reb headshot

Rebecca Guthrie, Preclose, CEO